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We are a Scottish Company and have over 15 years experience with Scottish Students.

All our Tutors are passionate about teaching, and all are experts in their fields.

Each has succeeded in a rigorous selection process, in which they have proven their ability to teach one-on-one.

Our tutors are academically exceptional. Many are teachers, others are in teacher training or, academics completing their first or second degree with an excellent track record in tuition.

All have a proven ability to communicate ideas with clarity and to develop a rapport with their students, crucial to sustaining the commitment of students to the tuition programme. As one parent told us,

"my daughter's Tutor has the great ability to reach a balance between friendliness and tutoring executed with professionalism."

Our Tutors are not just teachers, they are friends too, who can remember the experience of taking school exams.

If we can't help?  It happens and we will say so, we certainly will not offer you a sub-standard solution (there is a reason we have been in business 15 years)

We do not take a penny up front.  You are invoiced at the end of the month for tuition in the previous month.

We normally maintain around 80 tutors, our belief is too many and it becomes impersonal and too few and it's difficult to fulfill students individual Tutition needs.

Just getting back in touch to say that Tom achieved a 'B' pass in his Geography, up from a 'D' in his prelim, and all due I'm sure to Ferdia's excellent work! He has emailed her to let her know, and that he is therefore into Glasgow to study Zoology, after a gap year. We are all delighted!

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